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The Media Department serves as a communication hub for the organization, and whose chief goal is to ensure that messages are communicated clearly, effectively, and efficiently, internally to leadership and laity as well as externally to the community-at-large. The media used to transmit message include but are not limited to audio, video, digital content, print materials, the church web site, social media, and signage.


The video intern will work under the leadership of the Media Director and Video Technician, and in collaboration with the Audio Technician and Audio Intern. The goal of the internship is to provide the student with a bit of flexibility by outlining minimum requirements as well as options for additional development. The internship intended for students seeking academic credit; there will be no monetary compensation for the internship.


Minimum Requirements

• EDITING: We have two worship services every Sunday for which we record video footage. The Video intern will synchronize the mixed audio file from the Audio personnel with the raw video footage, and create a final, DVD-ready production.

• ATTENDANCE: The Media Department has a monthly team meeting for which the intern would be required to attend.


Additional/Optional Activities

• LIVE VIDEO: The intern is invited to attend our worship services if they wish to gain live sound experience. Our sanctuary is a medium-sized venue (seating about 750 people) with a multi-camera setup. The intern would have the opportunity to work alongside the video crew and operate cameras and production equipment.


The ideal intern will have:

• Proficiency with a professional video editing software (i.e. Final Cut, Premiere, Vegas Pro, etc. iMovie could work, but may not be the best choice for this project)

     o We recommend that the intern have access to this software on their own, however we have a workstation at the church from which the intern can complete their editing.

     o Internships are designed to teach (or at least they should be). We have no problem in providing on the job training, however our experience shows that some foundational knowledge of video editing software is necessary for success in this internship.

•  The ability to meet deadlines

• A positive and professional attitude, as well as a willingness to learn.



To apply, submit a resume and cover letter to:

Luther Young (Send an Email)

Minister of Young Adults, Media Director





1515 Ann Street

Nashville, Tennessee 37216


Telephone: (615) 262-2531


Fax: (615) 228-2609


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