Information Concerning the Use of Our Facilities


A member of the Facilities team will be assigned to act as your contact person with the church once your event has been scheduled. He/She will not function as your personal event coordinator. He/She will be available during the planning process and the day of the event to answer your questions concerning our facilities and assist you on your special occasion.


Obviously, every situation cannot be anticipated. You are welcome to call with any questions or concerns not covered.


1. Fees

Members - $400 for sanctuary (includes main event and one rehearsal where applicable); $600 for sanctuary and fellowship hall (includes main event, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner and/or reception where applicable). Security deposit of $100 is required when event is scheduled. Event will not be scheduled without payment of deposit.


Non-members - $600 for sanctuary (includes main event only); $800 for sanctuary (includes main event and one rehearsal where applicable) and fellowship hall (rehearsal dinner or reception); $1000 for main event, rehearsal, rehearsal dinner and reception. Non-members must also pay $200 security deposit, which is refundable after building inspection following the event. Event will not be scheduled without security deposit.


2. All events must be scheduled through the administrative office of the church. This would include the rehearsal, dates & times, areas to be used, number guests expected and contact person on the day of the rehearsal and ceremonies. While we do not require an official event coordinator, it is imperative that a person be designated as a contact person for the rehearsal and the day of the ceremony with decision-making authority.


3. No alcohol beverages of any kind may be served on the church premises, either in the building (including the Fellowship Hall) or on any of the grounds.


4. Absolutely no smoking is permitted at any time in the building.


5. Floral decorations should be placed carefully so as not to mark any of the furnishings, nor be in danger of upset. Floor candelabras, if used, must have something at the base to protect against damage to carpeting. If candles are used in the aisles, they must be drip less or have chimneys.


6. Fees include for time for rehearsal. Rehearsals must be concluded by 9:00 p.m. and BUILDING MUST BE VACATED BY that time. This includes the rehearsal dinner if being held in the Fellowship Hall. Additional fees calculated at $50 per 15 minutes will be charged for any time after 9:00 p.m.


7. Air conditioning/heating and lighting can only be adjusted by authorized personnel of FBCSI.


8. All fees must be paid within ten (10) days prior to the event. Refund of security deposit will be paid to Renter(s) within seven (7) days after the event. Check should be made payable to First Baptist Church South Inglewood.


9. No events can be scheduled after 5:00 p.m. on Saturdays and premises must be vacated by 9:00 p.m. on Friday and 8:00 p.m. on Saturday without prior approval.


10. In order to ensure appropriateness of content, the list of musical selections must be submitted to the church office within ten (10) days of the event.


11. Although non members may choose to select clergy not affiliated with FBCSI to perform wedding ceremonies, it is important that his/her name and religious affiliation is provided when wedding is scheduled. If the Pastor or a member of the pastoral staff is requested to perform the ceremony, it will be necessary to make arrangements for premarital counseling (with is required) when the wedding is scheduled.


12. If the reception is being held in the Fellowship Hall, the event caterer is responsible for supplying all utensils, dishes and flatware unless prior arrangements have been made. The event caterer is also responsible for leaving kitchen area clean


13. No food or drink is allowed outside of the Fellowship Hall.


14. All decorations and/or flowers must be removed from the premises immediately following wedding photographs.


15. The church is typically closed to all activities on the fourth Saturday of each month. No events can be scheduled for those Saturdays without Pastoral approval.




Please make certain that your participants, vendors and contractors (florists, caterers, etc.) are aware of these rules. If you have any questions or would like to schedule an event, please contact the church office.



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