College Sunday 2016

If you are interested in singing or playing with the college choir, we invite you to come to rehearsal. All voices are welcomed!

"God Never Left Me" - A Reflection of My College Experience

by Courtney Smith, Western Kentucky University c/o 2010


When asked to reflect on the impact of faith on my college experience, I’ll admit I didn’t exactly know where to begin. Looking back, there are many things I’d do differently if given the chance, but I have no doubt that my faith was the key to making it through. Coming from high school, college was an entirely different ball game. There were few rules and plenty of freedom. I grew up the granddaughter of a Pastor, so I knew right from wrong quite well, but college proved to be the true test of all my parents had attempted to teach me growing up. I can honestly say that my faith was the one thing that remained consistent throughout college. I had many friendships and relationships, but my relationship with God was the only thing that sustained me. When things got tough, I remembered and drew on God’s promises in this Word and told myself that God would help me fight through. He did just that, each and every time.


As a busy college student, there wasn’t always time to attend worship services on Sunday and bible study on Wednesday. There also was a lack of African American Baptist churches in the small college town where I lived. So church for me became my participation in the Amazing Tones of Joy Gospel Choir. We rehearsed on Thursdays and accepted invitations to minister at various churches across the state of Kentucky. We also had our own bible study and workshops which helped us stay connected to Christ. This group also afforded me the opportunity to meet other Christians who would later become some of my closest friends. Our faith in God brought us to together and our faith in God sustained us on our journey. It was God who we turned to during out toughest times and God we sung praises to during our good times.


My faith and relationship with God has and will always be the most important aspect of my life. As I grow older and encounter different situations, I can always travel back to my college experiences and remember how God was always there. These memories give me the courage to face every day, knowing He’ll be there too.

How does faith and relationship with God impact the college experience?


College Sunday Community Service

Serve & Celebrate: 25th Annual Hands On Nashville Day

September 24th from 8:30 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

Warner Enhanced Option Elementary in East Nashville

Volunteers will:

• Plant trees and daffodils

• Paint inspirational murals

• Weatherstrip classroom windows

• Paint hallways and gymnasiums

• Landscape playgrounds and brighten equipment

• And more…


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